Specialization:  Specialty 051 Economics (08.00.03, 08.00.04, 08.00.11)

Analysis, forecasting and justification of economic decisions at different levels of the social hierarchy.

Economic and analytical diagnostics in the management system of enterprises.

Economic and mathematical modeling of logistic, financial and production subsystems.

Modeling and optimization of socio-economic systems and processes.

Economic and prognostic analysis of financial, economic and operational risks.

Analysis and modeling of the behavior of economic agents.

Prognostic analytics and modeling of the development of sectors and subjects of the economy.

Systemic economic analysis and making optimal economic decisions.

Data mining, business analytics, Data Science at the micro, meso and macro levels.

Economic planning and algorithms for the implementation of effective strategies, programs and projects for the development of socio-economic systems.



Competences of the participants within the specialization of the scientific group

Scopus, WoS, category B publications  confirming competences

Volodymyr Omelyanovych Kapustyan (manager)

Modeling the functioning of markets and the behavior of economic entities.

Modeling and optimal management of economic systems.

Modeling strategies of sectors and subjects of the economy.

  1. Kapustyan VO, Pyshnograiev IO, Kapustian OA Quasi-optimal control with a general quadratic criterion in a special norm for systems described by parabolic-hyperbolic equations with non-local boundary conditions. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems – Series B. 2019. Vol. 24., Iss. 3. Pp 1243-1258. ( Scopus )
  2. Mazhara G. A., Kapustyan V. O. Modeling the dynamic behavior of consumers on the commodity market. Financial and Credit Activity Problems of Theory and Practice. 2022. No. 2(43). P. 137–145. (Web of Science) DOI: 10.55643/fcaptp.2.43.2022.3525 (Web of Science)
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Kateryna Oleksandrivna Boyarynova

Analysis of the economic functionality of subjects of the real sector of the economy

Economic analysis of innovations, entrepreneurship and startups.

Business modeling of the economic behavior of enterprises and organizations

  1. Boiarynova K., Kopishynska K., Analysis of Logistics Startups Development in the EU Countries and Ukraine. Science and Innovation. 2021. No. 17(2), pp. 105–116. DOI: URL:   ( Scopus )
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  3. Gavrysh O., Boiarynova K. The methodological approach to monitoring the economic and functional state of innovation-oriented machinery engineering enterprises at the modern technological modes. Economic journal–XXI. 2017. No. 164 (3–4). P. 65–70. URL: 

Ilyash Olga Igorivna

​Analysis and modeling of security of socio-economic systems

Analysis and forecasting of the development of socio-economic systems

Economic and analytical diagnostics of business activity and development models

  1. Osińska M., Kyzym M., Khaustova V., Ilyash O., Salashenko T., Does the Ukrainian electricity market correspond to the European model? Utilities Policy, Volume 79. 2022. 101436, ISSN 0957-1787. (Scopus, quartile – Q1) URL:
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  3. Ilyash, O., Lupak, R., Kravchenko, M., Trofymenko, O., Duliaba, N., & Dzhadan, I. A forecasting model for assessing the influence of the components of technological growth on economic security. Business: Theory and Practice, 2022. 23(1): 175–186. (Scopus, quartile – Q2). URL:
  4. Zgurovsky M., Kravchenko M., Boiarynova K., Ilyash O., Kopishynska K., Pyshnograiev I.. Analysis of the impact of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on the energy independence of European countries. System Research & Information Technologies, 2022, No. 2. (Scopus, quartile – Q3). URL:

Yereshko Yulia Oleksandrivna

Economic analysis of scientific and technical development and transformational technologies

  1. Oleg Kaminsky, Julia Yereshko, Maryna Kravchenko, Kateryna Boiarynova. The Model of Additive Manufacturing Business-Ecosystem in the Conditions of War in Europe. 2022 IEEE 3rd International Conference on System Analysis & Intelligent Computing (SAIC) (Scopus).
  2. Yereshko Yu.O., Kaminsky O.Ye., Kyrychenko SO Digital transformation of university education in Ukraine: trajectories of development in the conditions of new technological and economic order. ICT and learning tools in the higher education establishments. 2018. Vol 64. #2. 31 (Web of Science)
  3. Yereshko, J., Ageieva, I., Gura, O., Tkach, O. (2022). The Dual-Natured Direction of Intellectual Capital Formation in the System of Higher Education. Economics. Ecology. Socium. 2022. 6(1), 31-40. (Web of Science)
  4. Yereshko Julia et al. Theory meets reality: investigating the financial, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability. 12th International Scientific Conference BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT 2022 May 12–13, 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania [Scientometric databases: Scopus, Index Copernicus, Scientific Indexing Services, etc.] URL: verslas/2022/paper/viewFile/908/325

Olena Oleksiivna Trofymenko

Modeling of innovative development of socio-economic systems

Strategizing the sustainable development of the economy on the basis of digital transformation

Analysis and forecasting of the development of socio-economic systems

Indicative planning of economic growth of socio-economic systems

  1. Trofymenko O., Ilyash O., Voitko S., Dluhopolska T., Kozlovskyi Si and Hrynkevych S. “Impact of energy innovations on the Ukraine’s economy: Strategic direction and managerial practices” ECONOMICS, vol.10, no.2, 2022, pp. 27-44. (Scopus)
  2. Voitko S., Trofymenko O., Moghaddami S. Analysis of the factors that ensure the possibility of developing economic relations in the field of renewable energy between Ukraine and Turkey. Journal of Economy, Culture and Society. 2021. Vol. 63. P. 127–147. DOI: 10.26650/JECS2020-0035 . (Web of Science).
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  4. Ilyash O., Lupak R., Kravchenko M., Trofymenko O., Duliaba N., Dzhadan I. A forecasting model for assessing the influence of the components of technological growth on economic security. Business: Theory and Practice . 2022. Vol. 23. No. 1. P. 175–186. ( Scopus ).

Fartushyni Ivan Dmytrovych

Modeling of socio-economic processes

Adoption of optimal solutions for modeling the development of economic entities

Optimization of business processes

  1. Kapustyan OV, Stanzhytskyi OM, Fartushnyi ID Averaging method in optimal control problem of perturbed parabolic equation / Ukr Math J 74, 1113-1120 (Scopus)
  2. Mazurenko N., Fartushnyi I. Studying Cyclicity in Small Economic System Using Imitational Modeling / 2022 IEEE 3rd International Conference on System Analysis & Intelligent Computing (SAIC). P.1-5 (Scopus)
  3. Ivanenko T.V., Fartushnyi I.D. Optimization of the investment portfolio by conservative investors / Economic Bulletin of NTUU “KPI” . 2022. No. 21(2022), pp. 75-81. URL: . DOI:
  4. Mazurenko M.S., Fartushnyi I.D. Optimum management of the amount of the discount on the brand by the retail company. Economic bulletin of NTUU “KPI”, issue No. 23, 2022. – pp. 203-209. URL: 4 DOI:

Roschyna Nadia Vasylievna

Economic diagnostics and making optimal management decisions

Analysis of financial markets

Predictive and prescriptive analytics of business processes

  1. Kreidych I., Roshchyna N., Kazak O. The application of monetary incentive policy in current economic conditions: Baltic Journal of Economic Studies. 2018. Vol. 4, No. 5. URL:; DOI: ( Web of Science )
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  5. Roschyna N., Shevchuk O., Kustareva K. Research of the international financial market in conditions of digitization: new opportunities. Economic Bulletin of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. No. 18. 2021. P. 44–50. DOI: 10.20535/2307-5651.18.2021.23145

Lazarenko Iryna Serhiivna

Analysis, forecasting and justification of economic decisions

Micro-, meso- and macro-level modeling of unstructured data by Data Science algorithms 


  1. Lazarenko Iryna S., Saloid Stanislav V., Tulchynska Svitlana O., Kyrychenko Sergii O., Tulchinskiy Rostislav V. Necessity of implementing data science course in economics curricula. Information Technologies and Learning Tools. Vol 78 No 4 (2020), PP 132-144.URL: DOI: itlt.v78i4.3505 . [ Web of Science ]
  2. Babich E. M., Lazarenko I. S. Scenarios of the restructuring of the fiscal system of Ukraine, regarding small and medium-sized businesses, taking into account the shadowing of capital. Efficient economy. 2021. No. 1. URL: DOI: 10.32702/2307-2105-2021.1.150

Chernousova Zhanna Trokhimivna

Econometric modeling of logistics, financial and production subsystems

Modeling the complexity and dynamics of socio-economic systems

Methods and techniques of effective modeling of the complexity and dynamics of socio-economic systems

Analysis of the behavior of socio-economic systems and their subjects

  1. Chernousova Zh.T., Shkapenko O.S. Economic and mathematical modeling of innovative activity of the enterprise in modern conditions. Entrepreneurship and innovation. No. 24. 2022. P. 129-137. DOI:
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  4. Chernousova Zh.T., Mishchenko AP Economic analysis of the pharmaceutical enterprise on the perspective of innovative development at the example of FARMAK JSC. Economic bulletin of the National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv polytechnical institute” . 2018. No. 15. 8 years DOI:

Mazhara Glib Anatoliyovych

Modeling the irrational behavior of economic agents.

Behavioral component of complex socio-economic processes.

Game theory and the choice of strategies in making optimal management decisions.

  1. Mazhara G. (WoS) The principle of cognitive hierarchy in making individual and collective decisions. Academy review. 2022. No. 2 (57). P. 187–192. DOI: 10.32342/2074-5354-2022-2-57-14
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Olga Anatolyivna Zhukovska

Making collective decisions in conditions of risk.

Prognostic modeling of economic systems and processes.

Analysis, forecasting and justification of economic decisions.

  1. Zhukovskaya O., Fainzilberg L. Bayesian Strategy for Group Decision Making and its Interval Generalization. Journal of Automation and Information Sciences. 2019. Vol. 51. Issue 1. P. 1–14. (Scopus)
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  3. Zhukovska O. Decision-Making Model on Potential Borrower Lending for Independent Experts Group (2022) Publication IEEE 3rd International Conference on System Analysis & Intelligent Computing (SAIC) 4-7 Oct. 2022 DOI: 10.1109/SAIC57818.2022.9923015
  4. Zhukovska OA, Shperlov RV Forecasting high-load systems. Economic Bulletin of NTUU “KPI” 2021. No. 18.  DOI: , URL: (professional publication category B)