Admission - For Bachelors

Training of bachelors in specialty 051 “Economics” is carried out on the basis of complete secondary education and lasts 3 years 10 months for full-time and part-time education.

Thus preparation at department is carried out on EPP “Economic Analytics”.

Form of studying: full-time, part-time.

A program for those who want to analyze economic processes, trends, and phenomena, to justify and make optimal economic decisions based on methods of economic analysis, mathematical economics, and the use of information and analytical systems.

You will learn to conduct econometric, systemic, and intelligent analysis of economic data (Data Mining), model and forecast economic trends, acquire methods of financial and economic analysis, Data Science technologies, behavioral and experimental economics.
If traditional economists rely on intuition, you will have:
• Deep knowledge of economic analysis;
• Powerful mathematical skills;
• Proficiency in modern computer technologies.

The Bachelor of Economic Analytics is able to apply the acquired skills in practical work, is able to perform organizational, managerial and information-analytical work at enterprises of different forms of ownership and in different sectors of the economy. The primary positions for specialists in this field are: economist-analyst, investment analyst, Web-analyst, planning economists, computer center economists, consolidated information analyst.