Scientific and Research Work

The scientific and research work of the department is carried out in the following direction: “Methods theories management, acceptance solutions and informative technologies formation strategies development economic systems.” This direction of research includes both trends in the development of economic systems and modern tools for their research. In addition, it is determined by the content of the curricula for the specialization “Economic Cybernetics.” specialty 051 – “Economics.”

In addition, within the educational program “Economics labor and management personnel” the main directions of scientific interests of the department are: personnel management; labor economy; innovative and investment activities of enterprises; economy of sustainable development; sustainable development of Ukraine’s economy; transition to a post-industrial society; scientific and technical development of enterprises; formation of industrial potential in conditions of transformational changes on the way to post-industrial development; cash flow management, theory and practice of business analytics; restructuring of enterprises in the conditions of globalization; problems and prospects for the development of the corporate elite in Ukraine, etc.

Scientific researches of the department are carried out within the framework of initiative research topics:

  • NDR 0123U101760 “Analytics and modeling of economic development in the imperatives of Trans Tech » (04.2023 03.2026) ;
  • NDR 0112U007817 “Globalization directions formation industrial potential in conditions post-industrial of transformations” (2019-2024).

Teachers, graduate students and students of the department participate in the implementation of the topic.

Much attention is paid to the scientific work of students at the department. For this, scientific circles operate, student Olympiads are periodically held, the winners of which have the opportunity to represent the honor of the department at all-Ukrainian scientific forums, publish scientific works in professional publications.

  • NDR 0116U005836 “Conceptual basics management human potential in conditions transformational of changes” (2016-2022);
  • NDR 0116U007059 ”Modeling functioning markets and behavior economic agents in conditions crisis phenomena” (2016-2022 ).